Over the years, Hanmi has built up diverse experience and knowledge through strategic R&D.
Our experiences and accumulated know-how are our precious assets, our precious assets. These will be applied to various cooperation models and used for new drug development.

At Right Place

Utilization of specialized Hanmi R&D infrastructure

R&D sites

  • Dongtan R&D Center

  • Beijing Hanmi R&D Center

  • Paltan Formuluation R&D Center

  • Hanmi Fine Chemical R&D Center

Manufacturing sites

  • Finished Product Plant

  • Bio Plant

  • API Plant

  • GMP Plant(Beijing, China)

With Right People

Sharing professional manpower required for each stage of R&D

  • - Research, clinical trials, business development, regulatory affairs, patents, marketing, etc.
  • - Retention of professionalism and accumulated skills

Full cooperation and active advice from internal and external Key Opinion Leaders

  • - R&D committee consisting of internal experts
  • - Advisory activities from experts in each field