LAPSCOVERY™ Platform Technology

Many biologics have to be administered often due to their short half-life.

LAPSCOVERY™ (Long Acting Protein/Peptide Discovery Platform Technology) is an innovative technology that extends the half-life of biologics, opening a way to significantly reduce the number of doses and dose amount. The potential of LAPSCOVERY™ has been already proved through partnerships with many multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Hanmi does not limit the use of LAPSCOVERY™ to its own products, but provides opportunities to apply it to a wide range of external biologics in need of this technology.


Combination clinical studies with Hanmi’s Pipelines

Hanmi has secured various pipelines through constant R&D, and has ultimately polished its clinical development knowledge and know-how to reach global standards. As part of Open Innovation, Hanmi is making an effort to share its pipelines and clinical development knowledge and know-how with its partners. We are particularly open to opportunities that can synergize with Hanmi’s pipelines through combination clinical studies.