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  • Hanmi-MSD sign contract to export ROSUZET to 23 countries
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    Hanmi-MSD sign contract to export ROSUZET to 23 countries

    -Hanmi Pharm responsible for R&D and manufacturing of ROSUZET; MSD responsible for marketing and sales in importing countries

    -Second collaboration between Hanmi Pharm and MSD after Amosartan(COZAAR XQ)

    ROSUZET, developed by Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, is to be exported to 23 countries through MSD.

    Hanmi Pharm and MSD announced on January 4 that they recently signed a licensing agreement to export ROSUZET(in doses of 10/5mg, 10/10mg, and 10/20mg) to 23 countries except Korea. 

    ROSUZET is a new tablet combining Rosuvastatin and Ezetimibe, used for the treatment of hyperlipidermia. It is a specialized medication which, thanks to the double inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis and its absorption in the liver and the small intestine, is expected to be effective for hyperlipidemia patients unable to be fully treated with single tablets. 

    Hanmi Pharm will be responsible for R&D and manufacturing of ROSUZET for export, and MSD will be responsible for marketing and sales in 23 countries. 

    With this, MSD and Hanmi Pharm have concluded their second global collaboration agreement, following their export agreement on Amosartan, a new combination tablet for hypertension treatment, which was signed in 2009.

    Amosartan, developed by Hanmi Pharm, is a first-in-class combination tablet of Amlodipine and Losartan to treat hypertension. Under that agreement, Hanmi exports Amosartan to about 50 countries under the brand name COZAAR XQ.

    Kevin Ali, president of emerging markets, MSD, said, “We are very pleased to cooperate with Hanmi again, after our agreement on COZAAR XQ. MSD’s mission is to improve access to our medicines for patients around the world --- and we can do this through innovative and mutually beneficial collaboration with other pharmaceutical companies.”

    Hanmi Pharm CEO Lee Gwan Sun said, “We have gained momentum in our entry into overseas markets, thanks to our collaboration with MSD which has an excellent global marketing and sales network. We hope to expand the number of countries where ROSUZET can be distributed in the near future.”