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  • Hanmi collaborated with MSD has launched Rosuzet the First Overseas Market in Mexico
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    Hanmi collaborated with MSD has launched Rosuzet the First Overseas Market in Mexico

    Targeting 15 trillion-won market with local product name “NAXZALLA”

    The Rosuzet package released in Mexico. Rosuzet is sold under the
    Mexican product name “NAXZALLA” through MSD

    Hanmi’s new combination drug for dyslipidemia, “Rosuzet”, has been launched in Mexico, one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in Latin America as the first overseas market. 

    Hanmi announced on the 5th that it has launched three doses (10/5mg, 10/10mg, 10/20mg) with the Mexico local product name “NAXZALLA’ through its partner, MSD.

    MSD has signed an export contract for 23 countries with Hanmi and has obtained the marketing license of “NAXZALLA” from the Mexican Health Authority, COFEPRIS in July last year.

    Mexican pharmaceutical market is worth about 15-trillion won per year, the second largest market in Latin America after Brazil, and is continuing its growth by 10% annually. In particular, the obesity rate of Mexicans ranks second in the world after the United States and as incidence of cardio-cerebrovascular metabolic diseases such as dyslipidemia is growing high, the related drug market is expected to be expanded.

    MSD is conducting evidence-based marketing activities of “NAXZALLA” in Mexico. NAXZALLA’s online symposium, which was recently held for medical staff in Mexico has grabbed huge attention, with a number of internal medical staff attending.

    In addition to Mexico, Hanmi is continuing its efforts to launch Rosuzet in other contracted countries such as Argentina, Asia, and Africa “Rosuzet is a new combination drug that achieved No.1 prescription sales in Korea among specialty drugs developed by Korean Pharmaceutical companies. Hanmi will do its best to keep up the achievement in Korea to be continued in Latin America.” said Hanmi’s CEO Jongsoo Woo.

    Rosuzet is a new combination drug that combines two components for treating dyslipidemia, Rosuvastatin and Ezetimibe. It effectively lowers LDL-C in the blood by inhibiting the synthesis and absorption of cholesterol in the liver and small intestine.

    Rosuzet was also registered in three papers in SCI-level international academic journals, proving its excellent quality as a Rosuvastatin and Ezetimibe combination. Rosuzet has grown rapidly by more than 20% every year in the domestic dyslipidemia market recording sales of 99.1B won last year (based on UBIST), and achieving the No. 1 prescription drug developed by a domestic company.