The process for project proposal is as follows.

You may propose a project from the Application section. Once successfully submitted, you will receive an application number and password by e-mail. You may check the status of the submitted project at My Proposals by using this application number and password.


Can I make changes to a proposal that has already been submitted?

Once submitted, a proposal cannot be corrected. Please send your corrections to along with your application number.

I want to monitor the project I proposed. How can I do this?

You may check the status of your proposed project at My Proposals

What are Hanmi’s main areas of interest?

We are interested in products of various areas from early stage of development to commercialization stage, searching for external collaboration possibilities based on our know-how and experiences.

What are Hanmi’s future business modeling plans?

There are a wide range of opportunities open to anyone who is interested in leading the pharmaceutical industry with Hanmi, and a variety of cooperation models are also possible, such as research collaboration, co-development, co-promotion, licensing, investment, etc. These can be pursued flexibly depending on project.

Are there any actual Open Innovation cases?