Consent to the use of personal information
Parties receiving information
Hanmi Science Co., Ltd., Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hanmi Medicare Co., Ltd., Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Online Pharm Co., Ltd.
Information collected
Personal identifiable information (name, affiliation, e-mail address, country/city of residence, phone number, service usage record, access log, cookies, IP address)
Purpose of collection
User identification, management of information, acceptance of technical information proposals, contact and notification for proposal management, handling of civil appeals, settlement of disputes, fulfillment of legal obligations, etc.
Information retention period
From the date that the information has been provided to the date the purpose has been achieved

※ You have the right to refuse to consent to the provision of personal information. However, you may find some limitation to services upon your refusal.

※ For further information, please refer to "Privacy Policy."

  • Ideas that do not include your own research will not be acknowledged as official project proposals.
  • Please take into consideration that all technical information you provide upon submission is deemed non-confidential. Confidential information may be requested at a later stage after the signing of a confidentiality agreement.
  • Technology for which a patent has not been applied may present some difficulties in ensuring the rights of the inventor.

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